I made the wood intarsias originally as the front of the cupboard doors in the kitchen and later made them as stand alone pieces for hanging on a wall.

The intarias are made by cutting, rounding the edges and gluing onto plywood various pieces of wood. All the wood is natural in its colour, no dyes are used.

They are available with personal shopping only at the pottery.

2 thoughts on “Intarsia”

  1. Paul so nice if you to drop in so sad I wasn’t there!!!
    Your place is certainly a work of art, so many beautiful pieces. Brought back so many memories The gardens are of course magnificent. Please say hi to charlotte and Matthew. We must get together and catch up….joan

    1. Sorry to have missed you too. Would be great to get together sometime! This is not a trite saying but we mean it: do invite yourself over any time that suits you. We are away until September 7 but anytime after that.


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