We are on 4/10th of an acre with the garden divided into 7 ‘rooms’ separated by passageways. Charlotte is a Master Gardener and does the planting while Paul does the design and construction of the hardscape. We do everything ourselves, no outside help was used in the construction or is used in the maintenance of the garden.

Although we have lived at this location since 1979, serious garden construction did not begin until the late 1990s with each room built in sequence. The last room to be done was the Japanese garden which was mostly finished in 2016, but as in any garden, tweaking and improvements continue.

The garden is private and not open to the public unless special arrangements are made. See contact page.

OPEN GARDEN   We have an Open Garden weekend each summer, around early August. Date for 2022 to come later.

For a map of the garden click here.

For pictures of individual plants click here.

For a video of a backyard proposal Paul did click here.

For a video of a proposal for a public park click here.

Scroll down to view thumbnails or click on thumbnail for larger view.

A quick tour

(more pictures below this section)

More pictures

3 thoughts on “Garden”

  1. What a marriage of talents between Charlotte and Paul. An outstanding creation !

    Wendy Parker (gardner and interior designer)

  2. Thank you Charlotte and Paul, for the guided tour of your paradise yesterday. You are always so generous with your time and knowledge. We really appreciated you opening up your outdoor home so others could enjoy and learn! Together you have created such an amazing space! Gratefully, Deirdre and John

  3. My friends and I visited your garden last weekend, it was very inspirational! I can’t wait to your it again next year and see how things have changed.
    I have a special request. In one of the last rooms you had a small patch of what I believe was donkeys tail spurge, a plant I have been trying to get my hands on for years! Is there any chance I could buy a small cutting from you? I can’t find it anywhere. Or perhaps I could offer a trade if there is anything you are seeking :).

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