We are on 4/10th of an acre with the garden divided into 7 ‘rooms’ separated by passageways. Charlotte is a Master Gardener and does the planting while Paul does the design and construction of the hardscape. We do everything ourselves, no outside help was used in the construction or is used in the maintenance of the garden.

The garden is private and not open to the public unless special arrangements are made. See contact page.

There will be an OPEN GARDEN   on July 22 & 23, 2023. If you wish to be put on the mailing list for the Open Garden send an email to the address listed on the contact page.

There will be three other gardens open  on this weekend, all within a few minutes walk of each other: Sona Sist, 19 Edward st E; Bev Stableforth, 3 Elizabeth St W; and Jaki Skilling , 17 Elizabeth St W.

For a map of the garden click here.

For pictures of individual plants click here.

For a video of a backyard proposal Paul did click here.

For a video of a proposal for a public park click here.

For pictures of the inside of the home click a menu item on the menu bar.

Scroll down to view thumbnails or click on thumbnail for larger view.

A quick tour

(more pictures below this section)

More pictures

One thought on “Garden”

  1. Thank you for the veggies and lovely garden tour! The best part of my week was sitting at your pond regenerating myself. You both are lovely i hope to visit again with that white wine. Michelle Kimball
    Mad river dental office😊

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